Planning and Design Institute


  Department Overview

  Planning and Design Institute as a core department of planning business of CSWADI is committed to serving the government and all kinds of urban construction investors, with business types covering the national land space planning (including overall planning, detailed planning and relevant special planning), urban design and concept planning, etc. Planning and Design Institute, taking planning and design as its means, links the whole industrial chain advantages of CSWADI, and has outstanding technical merits and advantages in urban design, new industrial town, old town renovation, characteristic town, rural revitalization, urban style and other fields. 

  Representative Works

  Overall Urban Design of High-tech Zone, Urban Design of Dagang Area in Dazhou, the Planning of Qingbaijiang Intelligient Industry City, the Organic Renovation Research Planning of Suining Old Town, the Overall Planning of Ganxi Town, Pujiang County, the Rural Revitalization Strategic Space Development Planning of Qingbaijiang District, the Overall Planning of Functional Area for Modern Agriculture and Seed Industry and the Urban Design for Headquarters Zone in Qionglai, Chengdu, Ya'an city Scape Overall Enhancement Series Planning, etc.

  Leadership Members

  President: Hu Jun

  Vice President: Wei Lai

  President Assistant: Chen Yuzhen

  Chief Planner: Zheng Xiaoming

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62551362


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