Rail Transit Design Institute


  Department Overview

  It has combined design advantages in many professions including rail transit, planning, architecture landscape, etc., and is dedicated to providing integrated design solutions of rail transit engineering and urban development for cities.

  Representative Works

  APM Automated People Mover System, PRT Personal Rapid Transit System of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport; Integrated Transport Hub of Western China International Expo City; Chunxi Road Station, Dongmen Bridge Station, Steel Pipe Plant Station, Shuangliu Airport Station along Chengdu Metro Line 2; Qiligou Station of Chengdu Metro Line 13; Huanhua Station and Erxianqiao Station along Chengdu Metro Line 17; Chengdu Institute of Public Administration TOD; Chengdu Changgongyan TOD; Chengdu Xingfuqiao TOD; Chengdu Daguan TOD; Chengdu Machangba TOD; Chengdu Liaojiawan TOD; Chengdu Zitonggong TOD; Chengdu Longquan Traffic Section TOD; Chengdu Yinghui Road TOD, etc.

  Leadership Members

  Executive Vice President: Gu Chuandong

  Vice President: Yu Xiaoman

  President Assistant: Wang Yong

  Chief Architect: Jia Zhendong

  Chief Engineer: Zhang Xingyu

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62551106

  Email: xnygdy@163.com

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