Landscape Design Institute


  Department Overview

  Landscape Design Institute is a specialized design institute taking landscape ecological design as its main business, with business covering all kinds of ecological landscape complexes, it actively practices the construction and upper theoretical research related to park city, and currently maintains a scale of about 150 employees.

  Representative Works

  Jincheng Greenway, Jinjiang Greenway, Panda Greenway, Longquanshan Urban Forest Park, East Lake Park, Chengdu Center, Phoenix Mountain Outdoor Music Park, Tianfu Central Park, Tianfu Avenue, Xinglong Lake enhancement, Huanhuaxi, etc.

  Leadership Members

  President: Cheng Rui

  President Assistant: Liang Xiao, Shi Xiaowei

  Chief Architect: Zhang Jing

  Contact Information

  Address: 9/F, Block A, No. 866, North Section of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu

  Tel.: 028-62551058


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