Curtain Wall Design Institute


  Department Overview

  Founded in 2008, with a total curtain wall design area reaching more than 20 million [彭越聪1] square meters, gaining over 30 national patents, the Curtain Wall Design Institute, has taken part in designing building envelope system of many major projects in China and won design awards at national and provincial levels for multiple times. CSWADI was elected as the Vice Chairman Unit of the First Council of Curtain Wall Academic Committee, Architectural Society of China in September 2016, and was selected as the "Top 20 of the First Building Curtain Wall Consulting Industry in 2017-2018" in 2018.

  Representative Works

  Chengdu Xidun International Plaza, ICON. Cloud, Sichuan Library, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport T3A Terminal, Scientific Research Complex of CAEP Chengdu Sci-Tech Innovation Base, etc.

  Leadership Members

  Director: Gao Dongdong

  Deputy Director: Li Tao

  Chief Engineer: Dong Biao

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62551526, 028-62551521


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