Investment Business Department


  Department Overview

  Investment Business Division is a directly controlled division under CSWADI, which takes the critical responsibility of expanding and enhancing the investment business, promoting the development, transformation and upgrading and building new growth poles of CSWADI.

  In 2018, Investment Business Division formulated the "1+3" development strategy, i.e. "with a focus on quality residence development, emphatically expanding characteristic town or rural revitalization projects, inventory property, innovation and incubation of construction materials". On this basis, CSWADI has been facilitating the investment business to develop in depth and breadth towards diversification.

  Representative Works

  Banzhuyuan, West Ornate Home, China Overseas Xinhuafu, CSCEC•Renbei International, CSCEC• Huafu Jincheng, CSCEC• Binhu Design Headquarters, and other projects. Currently, Investment Business Division maintains 8 real estate development & investment projects and 4 fixed asset investment projects and operates property of nearly 60,000 square meters.

  Leadership Members

  General Manager: Liu Xiaolu

  Deputy General Manager: Tian Haitao, Wang Yangmei

  General Manager Assistant: Zhou Jianbing

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62551967


  Office address: Zone B, CSCEC Binhu Design Headquarters, North Section, Hupan Road, Xinglong Sub-district, Tianfu New Area, Chengdu 

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