Building Industrialization Design and Research Center


  Department Overview

  Building Industrialization Design and Research Center adheres to supports and links by technical R&D and demonstration projects, coordinates internal and external resources, and actively promotes the steady and rapid development of CSWADI in respect of prefabricated building technology, with business covering consulting, scheme and construction drawings and detailed designs. So far, it has completed more than 2 million square meters of prefabricated building pilot and demonstration projects with a high rate of prefabrication, it relies on the development platform of strategic cooperation in the whole industrial chain of CSCEC, guides the design-led EPC integration mode, and effectively combines the integration of prefabricated building design, production and construction, and it is committed to playing a role of pilot and providing important support to the prefabricated building in Southwest China and even across China.

  Leadership Members

  Director: Nie Yi

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62551303

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