Urban Infrastructure Design and Research Center


  Department Overview

  Urban Infrastructure Design and Research Center is a specialized center taking infrastructure engineering design and research as its principal business, and mainly carries out research, planning and design of urban infrastructure such as the integration of airport's air side and land side, large scale transportation hub house, urban underground space, sponge city, etc., currently it maintains a scale of about 20 employees.

  Representative Works

  Zhuhai Airport Transportation Hub Project, Nasiriyah Airport, Iraq, Pneumatic Accessory Capacity Building Project of AMECO Beijing Aircraft Maintenance Company Chengdu Branch.

  Leadership Members

  Director: Wu Yong

  Chief Architect: Chen Rongfeng

  Chief Engineer: Xu Yong

  Chief Planner: Zheng Xiaoming

  Contact Information

  Address: 14/F, Block B, No. 866, North Section of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu

  Tel.: 028-62551723

  Email: 365108019@qq.com

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