Complex Structure Analysis and Research Center


  Department Overview

  Complex Structure Analysis and Research Center, established in 2018, bases itself on professional development, focuses on the calculation, analysis and design of complex structures such as super high-rise, large span space, shock absorption and isolation structure, and is dedicated to developing into a center paying equal attention to design and research. The Center aims to constantly improve designers’ analysis over complicated structure through calculation, analysis and design practice in complex structure projects, so as to lead continuous improvement of overall structural technology of CSWADI and enhance its influence in the industry; Meanwhile it keeps cultivating and supplying high-end structural designers specialized in complex structure and strives to become an important base of CSWADI for the cultivation of professional and excellent talents.

  Representative Works

  Projects: COP Qinhuangsi Project, Plot 2# High-rise Tower, Yopdo Plaza Phase II, CSCEC Meixi Lake Center; Yantai Penglai International Airport Phase II works, Leshan Olympic Center; Xichang General Hospital (shock insulation), Xichang People's Hospital (shock absorption); Tibet Culture, Broadcasting and Art Center, Tianfu High-tech Park in Sci-Tech City and supporting projects, etc.

  Papers: Analysis and Research of a Large-span Portal Twin Tower connected high-rise structure, Design and Research on A Stadium Dome of Spoke Tension Structure of Cable and Membrane, etc.

  Research Studies: Diagrammatic Presentation of Deismic Design of Super High-rise Building, Concrete Structure Design Manual, Research on Key Technology of COP Tianfu Center Super High-rise Town Integrated Design, Research and Application of the Integration of Structural Parametric Modeling and Structural Analysis, etc.

  Leadership Members

  Director: Wu Xiaobin

  Deputy Director: Chen Zhiqiang

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 62551743


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