TOD Design and Research Center


  Department Overview

  TOD Design and Research Center is a professional agency specialized in design and research of integrated urban development led by rail transit, it offers a full set of TOD planning, planning design, architectural design and consulting services.

  Its business covers TOD integrated design and research, station-city-integration research, TOD residence research, underground space research, station roof development research and station transformation, etc. Its scope involves areas along the rail transit of the whole territory, areas surrounding the comprehensive traffic hub and rail transit stations, by taking "TOD is the city propeller" as the concept, it takes pulse and fixes position for regional development, so as to achieve win-win among multiple parties and create values.

  Representative Works

  Integrated design of Administration School Station of Chengdu Rail Transit Group, Zitonggong Plot # X8-19 Design and Integrated Design, Changgongyan Station, Daguan Station, Liaojiawan, etc.

  Leadership Members

  Director: Yu Xiaoman

  Chief Architect: Jia Zhendong

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62551103


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