BIM Design and Research Center


  Department Overview

  The BIM Design and Research Center is a comprehensive service and R&D center taking digitization and BIM as the core technology. Its scope of business includes digitized top-down design, BIM consulting and detailed industrialization design, EPC general control and the application of various BIM technologies.

  Representative Works

  Various quality projects well-known in the industry including Sichuan Medical Healthcare Professionals Training Center, Unicorn Island Promoter Project, Planning for Haikou New Town Project in Kunming, Ancient Dian Town, China-Europe Center, Industrialization Project of Jinfeng New Town. The Center has won more than 30 awards and participated in the compilation of over 10 specifications, and has obtained 4 software copyrights and published 3 academic monographs.

  Leadership members

  Director: Shen Xutao

  Executive Director: Li Jinlei

  Chief Engineer: Zhao Guangpo

  Contact information

  Tel.: 028-62551030

  Fax: 028-62551030


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