Qiu Xiaoyong Studio


  Department Overview

  Qiu Xiaoyong Studio is one of the most capable scheme design teams of CSWADI. Qiu Xiaoyong, Director and Chief Architect of the Studio, is highly influential in the industry. He ever won honorary awards including "State-Council Allowance Obtained Expert", "Sichuan Engineering Design Master" and "Sichuan Academic and Technical Leader", and chaired the compilation of national standard Design Code for Theater (JGJ57-2016). The Studio currently has over 20 architectural designers, of which, 4 have the title of national first-class registered architect and 1 registered urban and rural planner. The Studio maintains a team comprising young and powerful members with energetic and productive working style as well as pleasant atmosphere.

  The Studio is specialized in the design of transport buildings, culture & education buildings, office buildings (industrial park and incubation park), medical buildings, super high-rise buildings, sports buildings, etc., moreover it has won excellent scheme engineering design awards at provincial, municipal and institute levels time and again.

  Representative Works

  Transport Buildings: Chongqing Jiangbei Airport (T3 Terminal), Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Xishuangbanna Airport, Zunyi Xinzhou Airport, High-speed Rail Station - Zigong East Station, High-speed Rail Station - Luzhou Station.

  Culture & Education Buildings: Panchen Museum, High-Tech Zone Culture Center, Zhonghe Vocational Middle School, Jiangjin Theatre.

  Industrial Park & Office Buildings: New Generation IT Incubation Park, Ziyang Teeth Valley High-tech Park.

  Other Buildings: Jinjiang Hospital of West China Hospital, Luoyang Olympic Sports Center, Zigong Center (super high-rise).

  Leadership Members

  Director & Chief Architect: Qiu Xiaoyong

  Executive Director: Zhou Shipeng

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62551583

  Fax: 028-62551580

  Email: qiuxiaoyongstudio@163.com  

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