Qian Fang Studio


  Department Overview

  Qian Fang Studio was established under the leadership of Qian Fang, the chief architect of CSWADI, engineering design master of Sichuan Province, "Top 100 architects in contemporary China" and vice chairman of Architects Branch of Architectural Society of China. Depending on rich practice and management experience over years, as well as integrated research accumulation of relevant technology and the awareness of creation and innovation, the team attaches great importance to the whole course quality control and customer feedback and is able to provide clients the high value-added, whole process consulting and design specialized service from project planning to implementation. The Studio is committed to the design of cost-effective fine works, especially has unique core competitiveness in complicated projects such as conference & exhibition architecture, various industrial parks, conservation and transformation of cultural relics, etc., and also possesses domestically leading practice in respect of green and passive heating integrated technology.

  Representative Works

  Western China International Expo City, New Sichuan Library, Dujiangyan Giant Panda Rescue and Disease Control Center, Princess Wencheng Memorial Hall in Yushu, South Tourist Center of Leshan Giant Buddha, Chengdu Financial City Twin Towers, Tianfu Software Park F Zone (Chengdu Jingrong International Plaza), Bio-medical Innovation Incubation Park, Chongqing Yuanjiagang Swimming and Diving Gym, etc.

  Leadership Members

  Director: Qian Fang

  Executive Director: Qiu Tian

  Chief Architect: Wang Yongwei

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62551933

  Email: forwardstudio@xnjz.com

  Fax: 028-62551930

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