Fujian Branch


  Department Overview

  To implement the regionalization strategy of CSWADI and further expand the overall layout of Fujian Market, Fujian Branch was formally established on December 5, 2018 under the management of No. 6 Design Institute, and currently it maintains more than 50 employees. Taking Fuzhou as the center, Its main business covers areas such as Pingtan, Putian, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Longyan and other regions. It is specialized in the design of large-scale public buildings, conference & exhibition buildings, hotel buildings, sports buildings and residential buildings, etc.

  Representative Works

  EPC construction project of Conference & Exhibition Center at Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area (integrating design, procurement and construction), the public training base of CPC Working Committee and Party School (School of Administration) of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area, transformation and infrastructure construction PPP project of shanty towns  (houses in stone structure) at the west side of Zhanqian Avenue, Licheng District, the project of Express & E-commerce Area Phase I of Logistics Park at Putian Train Freight Terminal, etc.

  Leadership Members

  President: Chen Gang

  Executive Vice-President: Zhou Wei

  President Assistant: Xu Zhen, Tang Shushan

  Chief Architect: Yan Xue

  Chief Engineer: Yan Wei

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 0591-83969013

  Email: 50686055@qq.com

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