Shandong Branch


  Department Overview

  Founded in 2014, Shandong Branch is situated in Qingdao - a coastal city with beautiful scenery and pleasant surroundings. The Branch has more than 140 employees now. It sets up four design consulting businesses, i.e., civil works, landscape, decoration and municipal works, with remarkable technical advantages in civil aviation, medical care, sports and other professions. Since its establishment, it has undertaken over 30 regional landmark projects including Qingdao Airport, Yantai Airport, Jining Airport, Linyi Sports Center, Jining Municipal Hospital, super high-rise in Qingdao Hi-tech Zone, earning widespread acclaim from the society.

  Representative Works

  Qingdao Jiaodong Airport, Yantai Airport Phase II, Jining New Airport Terminal Area Phase I project, Linyi Sports Center, Jining Municipal Hospital, Super High-rise Twin Towers in Qingdao Hi-tech Zone, etc.

  Leadership Members

  President: Jin Ge

  Executive Vice President: Jia Wei

  President Assistant: Guo Dong

  Chief Architect: Pan Lei

  Chief Engineer: Xia Xun

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 0532-68850900


  Representative works



Terminal area works of Qingdao New Airport construction project



Yantai Airport Phase II Project



Jining New Airport Terminal Area Phase I Project



Linyi Sports Center



Jining Municipal Hospital project


  Super high-rise twin towers in Qingdao Hi-tech Zone

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