Guizhou Branch


  Department Overview

  Founded in August 2014, Guizhou Branch has constantly developed and expanded over the past years, taken its job as "designing meticulously and serving the community", adhered to the aim of prospering architectural design, continuously improved and innovated design concepts and strived to create fine architectural design works. Since its establishment, it has blazed a way through all manner of obstacles and undertaken landmark projects in Guizhou Province one after another.

  Representative Works

  Tongren Olympic Sports Center, Duyun Olympic Sports Center, Qixing Lake Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park, Qingzhen Sports Park, etc.

  Leadership Members

  President: Liu Hongxiu

  Executive Vice President: Song Zhuoer

  President Assistant: Xiao Rui

  Chief Architect: Zhong Peng

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 0851-84113340

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