Anhui Branch


  Department Overview

  Anhui Branch, set up in 2014 for the purpose of deepening and implementing the regional strategic layout of CSWADI, is a directly accredited branch in charge of expanding Anhui and East China market. It currently maintains more than 60 employees, of which, over 10 employees have professional ranks including first-class registered architect, first-class registered structural engineer, Registered Utility Engineer and senior architect (engineer), etc. With projects spreading the whole Anhui province and Jiangsu, Nanjing and other places, it has strong design strength and technical advantages in medical buildings, educational buildings, sports buildings, commercial buildings and other fields.

  Leadership Members

  President: Liu Chenxi

  Executive Vice-President: Gong Jianjian

  Chief Architect: Huang Huaihai

  Chief Engineer: Xiang Xin'an

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 0551-66017593


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