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  Department Overview

  Setting up on May 18, 2016, main business of Tibet Branch is architectural engineering design. Tibet Branch is located at the Roof of the World - the Holy City of Lhasa. It is one of the most important deployments of CSWADI for regional development.

  Traditional Tibetan architecture maintains a unique and graceful architectural form and style, blends into one harmonious whole with the magnificent natural scenery of snow-covered plateau, endows people the aesthetic feeling of primitive simplicity, mystery and ruggedness, and develops its own unique and distinctive characteristics, and becomes the comprehensive embodiment of religious art, cultural art and architectural art of Tibet region. Tibet Branch, rooted in the snow-covered plateau, focuses on the research of traditional Tibetan architecture and the embodiment of Tibetan national culture in architecture. We strive to create more regional and national architectural works, leaving our footsteps on this fertile field.

  To further protect and explore the artistic value and construction techniques of traditional dwellings of Tibetan and Qiang nationalities, and to expand the preservation of traditional ethnic villages and the creative development, we ever designated our executive deputy chief architect to take part in the 2017 Art Talent Training Project of China National Arts Fund -- "architectural protection and creative design talent training for traditional Tibetan and Qiang villages and dwellings in Aba, Sichuan".

  Creating fine works of the century, gaining the glory of a hundred years! In 1999, Lhasa Gonggar Airport Terminal won the Silver Prize of National Excellent Engineering Design Award; Tibet Museum won the Gold Prize of National Excellent Engineering Design Award in 2002; We got fully involved in the design of Tibet Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, the renovation and expansion of Tibet Museum, as well as the design of landmark architectures such as the Woman’s and Children’s Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region, and Tibet Culture, Broadcasting & TV and Arts Center. Works also include: the project of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of Lhasa, the new campus construction project of Tibetan Traditional Medical College, the project of Tibet International Trade Town for Traditional Tibetan and Chinese Medicinal Materials, the project of "Industrial Center" of Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the construction project of Yuanding Garden of Shigatse Economic Development Zone, etc.

  Tibet, a place you must visit once in your life, every step here is heaven.

  Tibet is the battlefield expanded by us in youth, Integrity, quality, teamwork and profession will constitute the cornerstone of our cooperation.

  Leadership Members

  President: Yang Jie

  Executive Vice-President: Wan Yu

  President Assistant: Peng Houzhe

  Chief Architect: She Nian

  Chief Engineer: Zhou Haozhang

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 0891-6461188

  Email: xnjzxzfy@163.com

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