Guangdong Branch


  Department Overview

  Guangdong Branch, founded in 2016, is an important supporting branch agency for deepening CSWADI's regional strategic layout. At present, Guangdong Branch maintains a team comprising of 80 professionals specialized in varied techniques, with specialities covering architecture, landscape, structure, water supply and drainage, electricity, intelligent engineering and HVAC engineering, of which, over 10 employees are professionals with titles including national first-class registered architect, class one registered structural engineer, registered equipment engineer and senior engineer, etc.

  Representative Works

  Nanheng Building in Nansha, Guangzhou; Nansha Youth Palace; Phase II project of lot #2018NJY-2 in Nansha, Guangzhou (International Trade Center); Nansha Pearl Bay Development Building, The First Affiliated ( Nansha) Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University and other projects that have great influence.

  Leadership Members

  President: Huang Lu

  Executive Vice-President: Wang Jue

  President Assistant: Chen Gang

  Chief Architect: Guo Ying

  Chief Engineer: Chen Yuan

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 020-85279797


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