The 1st Design Dept.


  Department Overview

  No. 1 Design Institute is one of the oldest civil engineering design departments of CSWADI. It now has nearly 100 employees. Its business includes architectural design, consulting, urban design and landscape design. Building type includes transportation buildings, expo buildings, medical buildings, educational buildings, office buildings, residential buildings, sports buildings, hotel buildings, urban design, ancient buildings protection and renovation. No. 1 Design Institute has won more than 100 national, ministerial and provincial awards, and made achievements in the design of various buildings.

  No. 1 Design Institute, under the leadership of CSWADI and through the active endeavor of all employees, constantly improves its capacity in technology innovation, design and service quality, earnestly adheres to the core values of "Quality Assurance and Value Creation" and always keep in mind its corporate responsibility of "Designing Quality Product and Help the Employee Succeed". It also proactively create a human culture of "Dedication to Work, and Virtue leads to Perfection" and strives to practice the precept of "Creating Quality Works of Century, and Making Glorious Achievements of Hundred Year".

  Representative Works

  Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Tianfu International Financial Center, Second Office Building of CSWADI, ICON Cloud, Inpatient Building of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Library of Tibet University, Tibet Museum, Jiuzhaiguo Valley Landscape Planning and Tourist Center.

  Leadership Members

  President: Yang Jie

  Vice President: Wan Yu

  President Assistant: Li Xiaotao, Jin Ming

  Chief Architect: She Nian

  Chief Engineer: Liao Li'an

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62550109


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