The 5th Design Dept.


  Department Overview

  No. 5 Design Institute always takes customer-oriented target to make quality designs with the industry-leading expertise and the consciousness of serving the customers wholeheartedly. No. 5 Design Institute is a civil engineering design department specializing in the design of various types of buildings, such as medical buildings, transportation buildings, commercial complex, hotels, office buildings, quality residential buildings, educational buildings, industrial parks, cultural and expo buildings, and sports building. No. 5 Design Institute has accumulated extensive experience in EPC, general contracting of design, whole-process consulting and construction management, etc. No. 5 Design Institute has gained rich experience in cooperation with first-tier real estate developers both at home and abroad, platforms established by the government at various levels, well-known enterprises and entities.

  Representative Works

  Terminal T3 of Changsha Huanghua International Airport, Chengdu Seventh People's Hospital, Western Sichuan Healthcare Center, Chengdu World Financial Center, Chengdu Stock Exchange Building, MIC Plaza,  Three Gorges Building, Products Exhibition Center of Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Shuangliu), Hilton Hotel Qionghai, Theme Hall of Yinchuan Greenery Museum Park, Chengdu High-tech District Culture Center, Changsha National Fitness and Sports Center, main stadium of Chengdu Universiade, Jingrong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industrial Park, Dujiangyan Giant Panda Rescure and Diseases Prevention& Control Center, Hubei University of Arts and Science Project, Sichuan Tourism College Project, Shuangliu Party School Project, Fenghuang Culture Industrial Park, China Overseas Property Ecological and Healthcare City, New Hope International Projec, etc.

  Leadership Members

  Vice President (in charge of work): Zhang Yang

  Vice President : Zou Zhenhua, Le Zhixiang, Li Yiqiao

  President Assistant: Li Ming

  Chief Architect: Liu Hai

  Chief Engineer: Zhou Dingsong

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-62550503

  Fax: 028-62550500

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