Sichuan Southwest Building MEP Engineering Co., Ltd.


  Department Overview

  Sichuan Southwest Building MEP Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd. The Company is mainly engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of mechanical and electrical engineering, fire engineering, security engineering, intelligent building engineering communication and network systems engineering, city and road light project, and cable TV system engineering. Based on building installation, currently, it is a modern sci-tech enterprise committed to intelligent building design & consulting, the agency of intelligent and mechanical & electronic products sales, energy-saving and intelligent operation & maintenance service, and other intelligent fields.

  Representative Works

  Phase I fire engineering and weak current project of Jinjiang Hospital of West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University, intelligent engineering of operation & command center of intelligent park of Chengdu International Railway Port Logistics Project (Phase I), the  subcontracted fire, weak current and ventilation works of Tianfu Central Park Project (Phase II), the subcontracted strong current, water supply and drainage and elevator works of Tianfu Central Park Project (Phase II), the integrated installation works for supporting apartment and commercial buildings of Tianfu Innovation Center Project, and the subcontracted fire control works of Hi-Tech Zone Culture Center Project.

  Leadership Members

  Executive Director & General Manager: Zhou Qiang

  Deputy General Manager: Huang Lanfeng, Yu Chi

  Chief Engineer: Xiong Zezhu

  Contact Information

  Tel.: 028-61808650  028-61808653


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