Technology and New Material Innovation Incubation Center

  In recent years, China Southwest Architecture Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd (CSWADI), made continuous efforts in building a science and technology innovation system for production, learning, research, and application. 

  CSWADI's science and technology innovation incubation system can be summed up as a 1231 system:

  "1" refers to one closed loop — making continuous efforts in building a closed-loop eco-sphere integrating production, learning, research and application;

  "2" refers to two leading edges — giving full play to CSWADI's unique advantages, i.e. at the leading edges of demand and application;

  "3" refers to three striving directions — striving to promote the science and technology innovation in three directions: platformization, specialization and industrialization;

  "1" refers to one goal — quickening the pace of building a world-class demonstration enterprise through innovation incubation, and writing a new chapter of high-quality development in the new era.


  The Innovation Incubation Exhibition Hall is divided into four parts: green wall material, environmental protection coating, energy-saving equipment, and smart city.

  Part I: Green Wall Material.

  CSWADI has developed two categories of green wall materials: nano-montmorillonite composite material (System) and microcrystalline foamed ceramic material (System).

  The nano-montmorillonite composite material (System) is a kind of brand-new exterior wall material (System) developed in response to the development strategy of civil-military integration by the team of CSWADI and academician experts and the team, to tackle the technical problems of exterior wall insulation and decoration in severe cold and alpine cold regions.

  The product has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation and Class A fire resistance, its installation features are no joist and no removal of exterior walls, so that it has obvious external wall system leading advantage in the alpine cold region building construction, prefabricated building, existing building renovation, quickly installed building and other fields.

纳米蒙脱石1 (1).jpg    纳米蒙脱石1 (2).jpg

  The microcrystalline foamed ceramic insulation and decoration integrated board (system) is an inorganic exterior wall integrated board (system) that is developed by a team of experts from CSWADI. This board is made by sintering the surface layer material of the microcrystalline board and the foamed ceramic insulation layer at a high temperature, which integrates the decoration and heat preservation functions. The product has the characteristics of safety, durability, light weight and high strength. It is installed with the patented technology of non-joist point hanging developed by CSWADI, which fundamentally solves the long-standing problems of insufficient fire resistance, durability and safety of the exterior wall insulation and decoration system. It effectively breaks through the technical bottleneck of green building development and is a leading innovation in the field of exterior wall insulation and decoration. This product is produced by using a large amount of industrial tailings, so the products are green and eco-friendly and boast outstanding environmental, economic and social benefits.

微晶发泡陶瓷安装示意.jpg         微晶发泡陶瓷保温装饰一体板.png


  Part II: Environmental Protection Coating

  1          Single-component ceramic-aluminum sheet. The product adopts the environmentally friendly formula and applies the high-temperature sintering and curing method, with unparalleled wear-resistance, glossiness, rigidity, and repairability compared to fluorocarbon coating, as well as durability, stain resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance of ceramics. The product can be widely applied to the exterior and interior walls of public buildings, houses and other buildings.

单组分陶瓷铝单板.png      单组分陶瓷铝单板2.png

  2     Waterborne intumescent fireproof coating for steel work. The product, whose raw materials can be produced in mass all over the state, is featured by high fire resistance, perfect adhesive strength and outstanding economic benefits. Therefore, the product is also contributive to greatly reduce production cost of steel work enterprise. With an overall performance surpassing that of the international first-class brands, the coating has broken the monopoly of international brands in the high-end market.


  3     Waterborne non-intumescent fireproof coating for steel work. The product has outstanding fireproof performance and has outstanding advantages both in comprehensive strength and adhesive strength. Compared with other materials, hollows and cracks will not be found on the thick coating. With the performance surpassing advanced technology of the world, the product is better than any non-intumescent fireproof coating available in the market.


  4     Prefabricated permeable concrete. The product is the mixture of high-performance and environmentally-friendly resin and well-chosen aggregate, with a surface having the natural aggregate texture. The product can also uniformly show the pure color texture by coating. It is durable, overall permeable and environmentally-friendly and has no abnormal smell, having great promotion values in construction of sponge city and park city.


  5     Transparent hydrophobic self-cleaning coating. This hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic exterior wall latex coatings are industrially produced with commercial relatively low-cost raw materials and simple manufacturing methods. It is provided with good hydrophobic self-cleaning, weathering resistance, green, environment-friendly and convenient for construction, and can be used for the coating of exterior walls of super high-rise buildings, prefabricated components, and pavement coating, etc.  


  6     Refrigeration coating. The surface temperature of the coating is always lower than the air temperature, which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature, and thus reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner. It takes water as solvent, is healthy and environment-friendly without secondary pollution, and is suitable for various coating construction processes. It can be used for cooling and insulating of new or existing buildings, oil and gas storage tanks and pipelines with different substrates, as well as other projects with thermal insulation and cooling demands or infrared thermal stealth projects.

制冷涂料1.jpg      制冷涂料2.jpg

  7     Photocatalyst air-purification coatings: the coatings can perform "photosynthesis" like green leaves. Unlike traditional adsorption paints, the coatings can decompose these substances via anatase nano-titanium dioxide under the action of light and then release water and carbon dioxide, after having absorbed harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, smoke, bacteria and viruses, which completely eliminates the secondary pollution of the adsorption coatings and achieve the purpose of long-term air purification.


  8     Waterborne energy-saving & thermal-insulation coatings for buildings: this product has good energy-saving and thermal-insulation properties, save energy consumption of the air conditioner by about 30.9o /m²/year per unit area, and can effectively improve the living comfort in the buildings. In summer, the indoor temperature with the coatings may be about 2.5 ℃ lower than that without the coatings.


  9     Wall renovation coating. The product is jointly developed by CSWADI and Dow Chemical for the renovation of existing buildings. It can be used directly for the renovation of ceramic tiles, coatings and other facing layers. Before using the product, the existing wall decoration is not required to be demolished, which effectively avoids fugitive dust and white garbage pollution. The product has dominant advantages in high construction efficiency, elastic crack resistance, long-lasting weather resistance, and self-cleaning.

  Part III: Energy-saving Equipment

  1     Heat-collection, thermal-insulation, and sound-insulation window. The product is a new type of energy-saving equipment developed independently by the PhD team of CSWADI. It can help regulate the quantity of heat in and out of the room flexibly, so as to realize the temperature regulation of the buildings. The overall performance of heat collection and thermal insulation is improved by 30%, the cost is 40% lower than the German passive window, and the noise can be effectively insulated.

一体窗.png                一体窗专利.png

  Winter: open the inner window in the daytime to adequately raise the temperature of the enclosure; close the inner window in the evening to fully preserve the heat in the room; Transition season: open the inner and outer windows to reduce heat resistance and ensure natural ventilation, so as to cool down the building. Summer: block the sun's heat using the interlayer.

  2     Underfloor Air Distribution Device for Large Space Buildings. The device adopts an air distribution method of integrating ceiling air distribution with lateral air distribution. The air flow of lateral air distribution generates a "lake of cold air" near the ground, while that of ceiling air distribution generates a "curtain of cold air", thus effectively raising the air transmission efficiency and improving air distribution effect. It has been proved by the test results that the air conditioning terminal device can save energy up to 25-27%.

地台送风装置.png      地台送风专利.png

  3     Off-design intelligent air-conditioning unit. In view of the drastic fluctuation of outdoor air quality, the traditional air conditioning equipment is difficult to satisfy the operation under varying working conditions, which may result in poor guarantee of indoor air quality or high energy consumption. The new-type equipment developed independently by CSWADI can not only ensure the indoor air cleanliness, but also significantly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning system.

变况 专利.png     变况 装置.png

变况 装置2.png

  Part IV: Smart City CSWADI established a comprehensive partnership with Huawei to jointly carry out product R&D, devote to develop industry norms and evaluation criteria, and promote the construction of smart cities and smart parks. With the capability of building the whole industry chain in smart cities, CSWADI has invested continuously in the research and development of intelligent applications such as BIM-aided intelligent design, unmanned aerial vehicles, and intelligent identification, and has carried out a large number of projects and practices in intelligent community, intelligent hospital, and intelligent operation, holding the capacity of whole industry of smart cities building.



  A large number of backbone experts have become a powerful support for the incubation of science and technology innovation by sustaining system innovation and stimulating innovation vitality.

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