Project of "Unicorn Launch Zone" Wins the Gold Award of BIM Competition Awarded by Provincial Construction and Building Materials Trade Union


  Recently, BIM Technology Competition awarded by Sichuan Provincial Construction and Building Materials Trade Union has successfully ended in Chengdu. Project of "Unicorn Launch Zone" designed by CSWADI won the gold award of the BIM Competition, and CSWADI won the award for Excellent Organization.

  The competition brought together 74 entities of survey, design, consulting, construction, colleges and universities in Sichuan province, showing wide representativeness and significant industry characteristics, and it showcased the application results of BIM Technology in the industry.

  Through ten years of technical exploration and experience, CSWADI has initially realized the balance of efficiency and quality in 3D sequential design, and continuously promoted the full implementation of sequential design. This award represents recognition and encouragement of BIM technology achievements of CSWADI. 



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