CSWADI Wins Multiple Awards including the 10th China International Space Design Competition


  From September 15 to 16, the Award Ceremony of 2020 Forum of China Architectural Decoration Industry Development and the 10th China International Space Design Competition (China Building Decoration Design Award) was held in Shenzhen. Works displayed on the 10th China International Space Design Competition were divided into 13 categories, including hotels, commercial & culture and office buildings. A total of 7580 sets of works were collected. After three rounds of evaluation, including preliminary, re-evaluation and final evaluation, the final winners were announced. In the competition, CSWADI was named as 2019 Outstanding Public Space Design Institution; Phoenix Sports Center won the gold award for transportation / sports / public space project, and Chengdu Financial City Culture Center won the silver award for culture / education / buildings for performing arts scheme design.

  Phoenix Sports Center includes a 60000-seat football field, a 20000-seat basketball court and a self-run commercial building. Its overall design takes the building's cement base as the blueprint, displaying the pulse of life and the rhythm of movement, and uses sports blue and Phoenix orange as the key colors. It outlines a highly integrated football and sports center including building, structure, equipment and indoor facilities.

  The design meets the comprehensive demands for sports venues, Tianfu clubs and commerce, etc. On the premise of a unified overall style, by using characteristic decorative colors of different uses as embellishment, it creates a coordinated, orderly, distinguished, powerful and energetic sports building group to accommodate the different demands of people.

  The schematic design of Chengdu Financial City Cultural Center accords with the charm of the Sun Bird and the prosperity of Chengdu.

  The rhythmic lines are like the posture of "flying Sun Bird" and the shape of "flowing streams", and each space is coordinated and features distinct elements, forming a unity of opposites with the silvery-white building facade.




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