Official Debut of the World's Longest High-Molecular 3D Printing Bridge Designed by CSWADI


    Recently, the "Liuyun Bridge", the world's longest high-molecular 3D printing bridge designed by China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd (CSWADI), was officially unveiled. 

    Located in Yima River Park, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, the bridge has a total length of 66.8m, with the maximum width of 8m and maximum height of 2.68, where the 3D printing part accounts for 21.58m. The design of the bridge is inspired by the free-flowing Yima River, as well as the flexible silks.

    CSWADI is committed to exploring and innovating, promoting design with science and technology, and trying more new technologies and materials in landscape construction. The team of CSWADI, together with relevant teams from Shanghai, completed the scheme design in half a year through repeated multi-party argumentation and scheme polishing.

    The printing of whole bridge body is smoothly completed in only 35 days through 24-hour unattended printing, section printing, on-site assembly and application of 3D laser point cloud scanning detection technology. And a total of 12 ton materials were used for the bridge. For deck drainage and lighting, holes were reserved, and then buried pipes were used. In order to improve the traffic comfort, steel beams were added under the 3D printing bridge as the superposed support for bearing force, which also improves the stability of the bridge. The railings at both sides were made of light aviation materials, formed by digital CNC engraving, and applied with special coating to meet the use requirements.

    The technological forces of digital construction are fully applied in the bridge from design to manufacturing. With the promotion of technology in traditional building industry, designers are able to create more excellent works. The super-large 3D printing landscape bridge, the perfect result of the combination of technology and art. 


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