Investment is one of three major businesses of CSWADI. Investment Business Division is directly controlled by CSWADI, which takes the critical responsibility of expanding and enhancing investment business, promoting the development, transformation, upgrading and building new growth poles of CSWADI.

  Since its establishment, the Investment Business Division has been adhering to the development philosophy of "expansion, innovation, entrepreneurship, dedication and confidence" and relying on the brand influence and strong design capacity of CSCEC and CSWADI with full consideration of market and consumer demands, thus successively developed a group of quality projects with strong market influence and appeal and conducted continuous exploration, innovation and practice on diversified investment while developing real estate business. In 2018, the Business Division confirmed the "1+3" development strategy, i.e. "with a focus on quality residence development, emphatically expanding characteristic town or rural revitalization projects, inventory property, innovation and incubation of construction materials". On this basis, CSWADI has been facilitating the investment business to develop in depth and breadth towards diversification.

  Business scope

  In addition to investment in real estate development, major operations of Investment Business Division include investment in construction and operation of characteristic towns or rural revitalization projects, renovation and operation of market low-benefit inventory property and incubation of construction industry research and development.

  About CSWADI

  Investment Business Division of China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd

  Address: Zone B, CSCEC Binhu Design Headquarters, North Section, Hupan Road, Xinglong Sub-district, Tianfu New Area, Chengdu

  Zip code: 610041

  Tel.: 028-62551967

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